Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How is the AHFS content organized?
A: Please refer to the AHFS User's Guide, AHFS Essentials User's Guide and the Preface to AHFS.

Q: Where can I find the AHFS editorial policy on off-label uses?
A: Please refer to the AHFS website.

Q: Where can I find the End-User License Agreement (for individual subscribers)?
A: Please refer to the EULA here.

Q: Do I have to purchase a subscription to access ASHP's Drug Shortages content?
A: No! Access to drug shortage content is available for free to everyone, but you must first create an account at AHFS CDI (leave the redemption code field blank). After creating an account, you can download the iOS app or use the web application to access the drug shortage content.

Q: How do I purchase an individual subscription to AHFS Clinical Drug Information?
A: You may purchase a subscription from the ASHP Store. Information on individual subscriptions and institutional access: AHFS CDI Subscriptions

Q: How much is a subscription?
A: Individual access costs $7/month or $84 for the year for members, and $9/month or $108 a year for non members. See below for how to purchase an institutional subscription.

Q: How do I purchase an institutional subscription to AHFS Clinical Drug Information?
A: To purchase an institutional subscription, please contact Chris Jezowski, Institutional Sales Representative at

Q: I am an ASHP student/resident. How do I make sure I have access to AHFS Clinical Drug Information?
A: As long as your membership is up-to-date, you should have access to AHFS Clinical Drug Information and would have received a redemption code in an email. If you never received one, please contact customer service at

Q: How long does a subscription last?
A: Each subscription is a rolling 12-month period.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: Unlike other ASHP web applications, AHFS Clinical Drug Information is not linked to your account. You can change your password by going to and clicking on "I forgot my password".

Q: Is there an app available for my mobile device?
A: Yes. An iOS version of AHFS Clinical Drug Information is currently available from the Apple Store. An Android version will be available at a later date, but the AHFS Clinical Drug Information website is optimized for any device by using any popular mobile browser. In the App Store, look for this icon:

Q: How do I add a shortcut to the site to my home screen on my mobile device?
A: iOS: Launch the Safari browser, navigate to, tap on the share icon (located at the bottom of the page, the icon looks like a box with an up arrow in the middle), tap on "Add to home screen". You can change the name of the icon, or accept the default by tapping on the Add button.

Q: Do I need an active Internet connection?
A: It depends on how you are accessing the content. If you are using your device's web browser, then, yes, you need an active Internet connection. If you are using the native iOS app, content from your last update is cached locally on your device and an active connection is not required.

Q: Can institutional subscribers use the iOS app?
A: Yes. The app first checks to see if you are accessing the content from an authorized IP address (via your institution's wifi network). If you are from an authorized IP address, the app will bypass the user login screens. If you are not within the IP range of your institution, you should have also received a redemption code to access while off site. If you haven't, please contact your administrator.

Q: Can I use my subscription on more than one device?
A: Yes. When you purchase an individual subscription to AHFS Clinical Drug Information through the ASHP Store, you will receive a redemption code. Go to or download the app, create an account, and redeem your code.

Q: How often is the content updated?
A: Generally, monograph content is updated on a monthly basis; however, safety information (such as MedWatch Alerts) and new drug approvals may be published more frequently. Drug Shortages content is updated real-time as new information becomes available. Each drug monograph has an original copyright date and a last revised date just before the References section.

Q: How do I cite content from AHFS Clinical Drug Information?
A: While there are several different editorial styles for citing references, we suggest this format:

Updated: 2022